Turn Your Town Around
Turn Your Town Around

Turn Your Town Around

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In Turn Your Town Around, the former mayor of the popular and award-winning town of Berlin, Maryland explains how to chart a course of rediscovery and renewal for your town.

You will learn how your town can flourish and find new ways to build and share both a stronger economic and social foundation. You will discover your community's potential for cultural and artistic appeal and learn how to make visitors feel welcomed as guests, rather than looked upon as strangers.

This book also discusses the issue of proximity - how you can capitalize on your town's nearness in space or relationship to more populated areas. Your efforts can attract appreciative guests and be an ongoing source of enjoyment and pride for your fellow citizens.

Always with an eye towards improving, your town can achieve a stronger local economy and richer experience by transforming into a successful destination community.


"A town is only as good as the hearts of its people. People who treat each other with respect and applaud differences, instead of tearing down those who are not like them or have differing opinions. Read this book and begin building a foundation for love, family and community that will last a lifetime." - DAWN BARRETT, Berlin Resident and Public-School Teacher

"I found this literary work filled with detailed accounts of the growth and development of Downtown Berlin. I can state with confidence this publication can be used as a road map and a vehicle of positive change anywhere." - DEAN BURRELL, Community Leader / Berlin Council Member

"As with everything he tackles, Gee is thorough, thoughtful, detailed, honest and passionate, which is evident as you read Turn Your Town Around. I have watched the transformation of his town through the years. Read this book to get concrete workable ideas and turn your town around too." - JAMES "Bud" CHURCH, Commissioner, Worcester County, Maryland

"Every one of us who has a lovable but worn hometown needs a reliable guide to breathing life back into that place. Turn Your Town Around is an indispensable roadmap for residents, community leaders, councilmembers, and mayors who want to take their community from where it is today, to where they believe it could be." -MAYOR JAKE DAY, Salisbury, Maryland

"Across America there's places that travelers gravitate toward, and local residents are proud of. This book provides a roadmap for everyone from city managers to citizens groups to transform their town into one of these places. Easily read and full of thought-provoking ideas that make destinations fun for visitors, profitable for local businesses, and affordable for residents." - C. L. MARSHALL, Author of books on Chesapeake Bay Fishing & Hunting

"An interesting must-read guide in rediscovering your small town's heritage and building on it and enhancing it for today's life. The energy, talent, love and commitment exist in every community, it just has to be harnessed, directed and supported." - RON YOUNG, former Mayor of Frederick, Maryland

About the Author

Gee Williams is available for professional speaking services and workshops that help towns, regardless of size, to overcome stagnation and chart a proven course towards becoming thriving destination communities. Contact him at turnyourtownaround.net.A Berlin native and resident, Williams comes from a family that has been active in local civic and political life since the 1940s. After graduating from the University of Maryland - College Park, he served as a newspaper editor and publisher for thirty years, managing weekly publications along the East Coast from Delaware to South Carolina. Beginning in 2000, Gee worked in public relations, marketing and nature tourism for the Maryland Department of Resources and the Maryland State Highway Administration. He also served as marketing and development director for the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore until his retirement in 2018. He served as Mayor of Berlin from 2008 - 2020.

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