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Tenth Grade Angst

Tenth Grade Angst

By Bruce Ingram
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"A well-crafted and engaging tale about a quartet of teens dealing with self-doubt and self-discovery in high school."
- Kirkus Reviews

"Tenth Grade Angst is highly recommended as a revealing leisure read that high schoolers will relate to and learn from."
- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Tenth Grade Angst (a sequel to Ninth Grade Blues, 2017) continues the story of four teens as they negotiate the roller-coaster ride of high school. Now sophomores, they grapple with growing independence and changing dreams and ambitions for their future. Cars and driving lessons reshape their lives, as they struggle to balance their needs for exploration and independence with the boundaries set by their parents.

Luke: a shy, hard-working boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Luke continues to come out of his shell with the friendly encouragement of Mia. His love for hunting, fishing, and all things nature-related keeps him sane and grounded, while ongoing problems with his dad worsen and require him to make some startling adjustments.

Elly: a bit overweight and a lot insecure in her freshman year, Elly joins her mom at the gym, sheds a few pounds and discovers she can set her cap for star football players. But is that always a good idea? A hot date doesn’t work out the way she expected–at all.

Marcus: a football and basketball star, Marcus comes down to earth–discovering that he really does have limits to what he can expect from his athletic career. And, a series of rebuffs and rejections lead him to reflect on the best way to a girl’s heart. Hint: just for a change, try caring about what she thinks.

Mia: a straight-A student who looks like a good bet to be the class valedictorian, Mia is also on track to realize her dream of becoming a pediatrician and moving to Texas to help children of her own heritage. But what does that imply for the relationships she is developing in high school? And just how angry will her poppa get if she insists on dating Luke?

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