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Tony Russo

From the first time he created a biographical sketch from source material, Tony Russo was interested in telling stories about people’s everyday lives. As a journalist, he specializes in profiles and feature stories that connect people with their community and culture.

In the early years of the craft beer revolution, Tony was positioned to comment upon and document the legal, economic, historical, and cultural effect breweries had over time. His first two books, Eastern Shore Beer (2014) and Delaware Beer (2016), connected beer and local culture and traced that connection from colonial times to the present. 

Tony began producing independent podcasts in 2007 in addition to his work as a reporter. He produced podcasts on beer, local news, and writing, always with a focus on the individual’s relationship to their place and time.
In 2017, he earned the honor of writing and hosting This Is War, a narrative podcast about the combat veteran experience. In more than fifty interviews with American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the course of the next two years, Tony wrote biographical narratives tracing the careers of men and women who had their lives changed in service to their country. Each story was astounding all on its own, providing snapshots of our country and culture at multiple times and places over the decade-plus conflict.

Tony coveted the chance to tell a story like this, that brings together questions about history, religion, politics, and popular culture, and investigates how they played out in real-life circumstances when two realities collide. Sherry Shriner, her cult, and the insidious and violent nature of the conspiracy theory culture showed him that while truth may have inherent value, as a commodity it’s pretty much worthless.

In his research, he crossed paths with a documentary team from VICE that also was investigating Sherry Shriner. In 2021, he was featured in their series The Devil You Know, Season 2.

Tony lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with his wife and the only one of his four daughters who hasn’t moved out. Together they keep their dog and cats comfortable.