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The Outliers

Jack Clemons

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Science fiction author Jack Clemons takes the hallowed tropes of Wild West fiction and transposes them to the East Coast in this alternative-history suspense novel set on the Delaware seashore.
The lovable outlaw, the relentless marshal, the madam with a heart of gold, the pillars of town society with feet of clay – they are all here – filtered through the eyes of a young Native American who is caught in everyone’s crosshairs.
Not until the closing pages does the true nature of this deadly cat-and-mouse game become clear, and it is a surprise.
The Outliers is an interesting period piece that combines some well-known historical figures with a fictionalized adventure. Author Jack Clemons has done a fine job of presenting a compelling mystery while also giving the reader an insight into life during this period, especially for those on the margins of society, particularly Native Americans.
“I was struck by the attitude of the ‘good people’ of the town, the white folks, who automatically barred anyone that was different from engaging in most aspects of society. The relationship between Jimmy, the Marshal, and Sonny was undoubtedly the highlight of the story and I liked the way the author dropped little clues as to their identities, which naturally led to guessing from the reader.” – Grant Leishman, Readers’ Favorite
“The story is written in a first-person POV style, and the events unfold before you through Sonny's eyes. The plot moves quickly, and the dialogue is perfectly suited to the time.” -- Pikasho Deka, Readers’ Favorite