Horrible Holiday Gifts

Horrible Holiday Gifts

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Will Be Released February 6, 2024

Every child with a brother or sister knows they should be best friends forever. And yet - day-to-day life under the same roof can be infuriating, and small injustices and grievances can pile up.

Horrible Holiday Gifts explains how any kid can even the scales with a little creative gift-giving. From "A Jar of Jellyfish Jelly for Their Belly" (January) to "Devilled Duck Dung Hung in Their Stockings" (December), an entire year of totally outrageous "gifts" are described and pictured in loving detail.

Parents may join their kids in laughing out loud at "Foul Fox Farts in a Covered Cart" and "Nasty Gnome Nosepit Gnats in a Hat" - not to mention eight more where those came from.

All gifts-of-the-month are richly depicted in 4-color illustrations by Mark Ingram.

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