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Wonder Lands Are Calling
Wonder Lands Are Calling

Wonder Lands Are Calling

A Max and Charles Nature Adventure
By Susan Yaruta-Young
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May 31, 1987, BEGINS AT SUNRISE and ends in the pale light of an eyelash moon. It is a Saturday filled with beginnings and endings. Brothers Max, thirteen, and Charles, ten, discover that places around their home, spots they thought they knew, are actually Wonder Lands filled with natural mysteries.From whirling fly-fishing lines looping in sunny air to the seventeen-year cicada chorus throbbing the night, the boys journey outside to learn their connections with the elements: water, air, earth, fire. Will the ghost of Hillside Avenue appear? And what exactly do new friends mean when they say, “We’ll show you ‘The Morgue’ after dinner.”Artist Burt teaches Max, Charles, and everyone he meets: “It begins with a single line.” In Wonder Lands are Calling, all are invited to read lines written on these pages, then to journey out into nature adventures.

$11.95 USD | 978-1944962555