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Who's Been Stealing Grandpa's Fish?
Who's Been Stealing Grandpa's Fish?

Who's Been Stealing Grandpa's Fish?

A Max and Charles Nature Adventure
By Susan Yaruta-Young
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The adventure begins at sunrise when a wide-awake Charles suggests to sleepy older brother Max: breakfast at their grandparents' house might be a great fill-up. It's only a dash away through the pony pasture. The spinning dish whirls, filled with breakfast goodies, while stories are told. Then Grandpa "caws" in a murder of crows. All is well until a troubling discovery is made. When Grandpa and the boys feed the fish their chow in the pond, they find that Grandpa's pet trout is missing. Who could have done this? Max and Charles are on the case. And with the help of adults they make preparations for the end of the day. Follow the boys on nature adventures by swirling springs, dips in the cool stream, pony rides, watching salamanders slide, and flights through the air on a rope swing. There's the bullfrog chorus, crayfish battle, yummy Greek treats to feast upon . . . and then at sunset the watch begins. Will the thief return?
$11.95 USD | 978-1944962401