The Condor's Riddle

The Condor's Riddle

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Who is the dead man lying in front of the convent in Santa Clara by the Sea?

Was he already dead before he died in Santa Clara?

Bebéi, a simpleminded French archivist with a photographic memory, must solve an ever-deepening mystery to calm the streets. But it will also take a village of friends and helpers: a Caribbean ex-president who lives among cats; a Chinese stripper with a doll face; a Rastafarian workaholic; a Greek sea captain; even a remorseful German terrorist, who shares a vagabond life on the church stairs with a runaway Wall Street investor and a stoned Canadian hippie.

With these and other characters, The Condor's Riddle adds to the exotic literature of Latin America, where antiquated splendors provide a backdrop for the tragicomedy of modern times.

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