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Winter Rage

By Charles McRaven
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Price: $16.95


Winter Rage is a novel of suspense, set in the 1950s and continuing to the present day. A bitter feud spirals out of control, bringing suspicion, accusations, and violent assault to members of two neighboring families in the Ozark Mountains. When a stand of oak trees is felled for their timber, questions of property lines come into play. A struggling family of hardscrabble farmers – consisting of an attractive young divorcée, Andy Millard; her ne’er do well brother Charlie; her teenage nephew Nate; and Nate’s crippled grandfather Elijah – find themselves fighting for their good names, their freedom, and even their very lives against their distant neighbors, a dynastic clan headed by Montgomery Mabry, the most powerful lawyer in the mountains, and his spoiled son Barry. As the attacks multiply and murder after murder ensues, it becomes clear that a cunning and remorseless killer is compounding the chaos. One by one, Charlie, Andy and Nate are driven off their small farm, fleeing the reach of relentless lawmen who are determined to track them down. Several enduring mysteries are not resolved until decades later, when startling revelations are shared by the survivors.
$16.95 USD | 978-1944962289