The Oysterback Omnibus

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Welcome to Oysterback – the sleepy town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that’s been misplaced by mapmakers and forgotten by time. Once you find yourself in Oysterback, you may never want to leave. Nothing beats Desiree Grinch’s corn soup at the Blue Crab Tavern. There’s never a wait at The Curl Up ‘N Dye Salon de Beaute. In season, you can buy your produce (as you pay your respects) at Dreedle’s Funeral Parlor. There’s bingo every Tuesday at the V.F.D. The Mosquito Festival is next week. And when the moon hangs over Widgeon Marsh as full and yellow as one of Miss Nettie’s oyster fritters, you’ll know you’re in a place like no other.

In The Oysterback Omnibus, author Helen Chappell compiles twenty years’ worth of Oysterback tales. As a bonus, she adds the latest social dispatches from the indispensable Oysterback Bugeye – which is published whenever there’s news, and not a day before.