Only the Wild Goose Knows

By Susan Yaruta-Young Saturday, November 10, 1984. Max and Charles are off on a “guys’ getaway” with their stepfather, Fred. The trip takes them to Kent and Queen Anne’s counties, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It’s Veterans Day Weekend, and Fred has planned this trip around history to show the boys a few important sites from Colonial times and the Civil War era. Included in the “getaway package” is meeting old and new friends. And a very important reason for the trip is to find a new home for Miss Starry Eyes, a wild Canada goose who was rescued and raised by their grandparents. During the weekend, some plans will unfold as Fred hoped, but many new people, twists and turns, fill this Saturday-into-Sunday morning with unexpected adventures.  

Who’s Been Stealing Grandpa’s Fish?

By Susan Yaruta-Young The adventure begins at sunrise when a wide-awake Charles suggests to sleepy older brother Max: breakfast at their grandparents’ house might be a great fill-up. It’s only a dash away through the pony pasture. The spinning dish whirls, filled with breakfast goodies, while stories are told. Then Grandpa “caws” in a murder of crows. All is well until a troubling discovery is made. When Grandpa and the boys feed the fish their chow in the pond, they find that Grandpa’s pet trout is missing. Who could have done this? Max and Charles are on the case. And with the help of adults they make preparations for the end of the day. Follow the boys on nature adventures by swirling springs, dips in the cool stream, pony rides, watching salamanders slide, and flights through the air on a rope swing. There’s the bullfrog chorus, crayfish battle, yummy Greek …

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When Will It Happen?

By Susan Yaruta-Young Crossing The Bridge from Downeast Maine onto Deer Isle is more than traveling up, up, up, then down, down, down, 2,000 feet over the salty waves of Eggemoggin Reach. Many people claim it is a journey back in time into a world where the past lives beside the present, where winds through trees whisper the future. August 12, 1985, Max, age twelve, and Charles, age nine, are on a vacation to Little Deer Isle, a place they’ve never been before. On first entering their cabin they find a warm blueberry pie and a note: “Enjoy!” But when they turn this note over, they see a riddle: “It will happen at some time Be it when the sun is bright Or on a starry night.” “What does that mean?” asks Charles. Neither boy knows, but something will happen. Will it be while walking in blueberry fields at dawn? …

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The Great Snapping Turtle Adventure

Poet and novelist Susan Yaruta-Young tells the always charming, sometimes spooky story of a family outing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. When Fred takes stepsons Max and Charles to Elliott Island for a day of crabbing, none of them are expecting to encounter anything out of the ordinary. But all bets are off when you drive out that long narrow road to the End of the World. An old woman gives them a giant snapping turtle to sell, and their day gets weird. And when they stumble across the same woman’s gravestone–with her death date inscribed, but hidden in the ground–their trip becomes stranger still. As every answer leads to more questions, what starts as a “Boys’ Day Out” becomes an adventure that will not soon be forgotten. .