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The Night Is Young

The Night Is YoungIn sixteen remarkable stories, the award-winning author of Elizabeth’s Field and other books captures the flavor of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. While her characters are tied to the reality of the moment, their stories are about the secret life of the heart’s yearning. Barbara Lockhart is known for her ability to mine the rich ore of Eastern Shore history and culture. Her Read More


Fulfilled!by William A. Schiemann Fufilled! addresses the broad issue of life fulfillment—an enduring quality that includes both daily happiness and, more important, a long-term, sustainable sense of achieving all one can be. The author defines life fulfillment as achieving your dreams and creating a lifestyle that brings exceptional happiness and inner peace. This book addresses some of the key factors that enable Read More

Winter Rage

Winter Rageby Charles McRaven A bitter feud spirals out of control, bringing suspicion, accusations, and violent assault to members of two neighboring families in the Ozark Mountains. When a stand of oak trees is felled for their timber, questions of property lines come into play. A struggling family of hardscrabble farmers – consisting of an attractive young divorcée, Andy Millard; her ne’er do Read More

When Will It Happen?

When Will It Happen?By Susan Yaruta-Young Crossing The Bridge from Downeast Maine onto Deer Isle is more than traveling up, up, up, then down, down, down, 2,000 feet over the salty waves of Eggemoggin Reach. Many people claim it is a journey back in time into a world where the past lives beside the present, where winds through trees whisper the future. August 12, 1985, Read More

The Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero

The Life and Deaths of Blanche NeroBy Ken Brigham At fifteen, Blanche Nero watches the electrocution of her Italian immigrant father, punishment for the inexplicable brutal murder of his recently acquired friend Old Man Flaherty. She resolves to do something with her life that values humanity over justice, mercy over sacrifice. But she is forever haunted by the mystery of her father. She is also drawn irresistibly Read More

Build Me a Tower

Build Me a Tower By Charles McRaven Theo MacBain is known from coast to coast as a stonemason's mason, master of the art of finding just the right rock at the right time. Word of mouth alone guarantees him all the high-end stonework he can handle. His face is weathered, his craftsman's arms sinewed.Stones are easy, but people are hard. The pieces of Theo's life Read More

Shadow of Whimsy

Shadow of WhimsyBy Ann Hymes Several generations of one family have lived, loved, and lied at Whimsy Towers, a unique oceanfront house in Chatham, Massachusetts. Strong women who refuse to be suffocated by marriage have found excitement and refuge in this house filled with artists and parties. Love surfaces in unexpected ways. The newest owner, Theresa Alston Crandall, has just inherited the property and Read More

A Spirit of Charity

A Spirit of Charity 'Any effort at health care reform must first understand the essential role of public hospitals, which is what makes A Spirit of Charity required reading for policy makers and health advocates alike.' - Otis Brawley, M.D., chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society; former director of the Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence at Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta Most Americans have Read More

New book shows how to live off the land and enjoy a healthy lifestyle

New book shows how to live off the land and enjoy a healthy lifestyleAward-winning outdoor writer Bruce Ingram and his wife Elaine have authored a new book explaining how they have enjoyed a healthy diet and lifestyle for many years by hunting, fishing, raising heritage chickens, growing fruits and vegetables, and foraging in the forests around their Southwest Virginia home. The word “Locavore” combines the Latin roots for local and devour, referring to a Read More

Hard-Boiled Anxiety

Hard-Boiled AnxietyPraise for Hard-Boiled Anxiety Named one of the Indie Best Books of the Month, August 2016, by Kirkus Reviews. “Curl up on the analyst's couch with all your favorite mystery scribes, as Karen Huston Karydes sleuths out the neurotic, personal threads that make up the warp and the weft of their greatest fictions. A dark, yet illuminating read.” -- Kim Cooper, author of Read More

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