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Apr 01, 2021
Two new books exploring the deep past and the strange present of American society launch in May. 

The Henry Bagwell Story is the first biography of an important early settler of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, by a first-time British author.

Dragged Into the Light is a torn-from-the-headlines inside story of an Internet cult that was launched from an Ohio housewife's computer keyboard but eventually turned deadly for two of its members, by an Eastern Shore journalist and podcaster.

The Henry Bagwell Story began as a personal geneaology quest by British author Margaret A. Rice, who set out to explore her Elizabethan-era merchant ancestors in Devon. Ten years later, the first-time author is publishing a biography that assembles what is known about the historically important but currently obscure figure of Henry Bagwell, who shipped out for the Virginia colony in 1609 on what was known as the "Third Supply" fleet. After surviving a disastrous shipwreck on the reefs of Bermuda, Bagwell and virtually all of the original company were able to rebuild smaller vessels and reach Jamestown. He would live another half-century, settling in Accomack Plantation on what is now the Eastern Shore of Virginia and becoming a tobacco inspector, court clerk and member of the House of  Burgesses.

A virtual book launch will be held on Saturday, May 15 at 2 pm EDT. The author will deliver a short presentation on the book from her home in Tiverton, UK, followed by a Q&A chat session. To register for the event (which requires a Zoom link) please email

In Dragged Into the Light, Maryland journalist and podcaster Tony Russo explores the online cult of Sherry Shriner, an Ohio housewife, who styled herself the Daughter of the Most High and regularly preached about end times, Bible prophecy, reptilian elites, the New World Order, and a range of other eye-opening claims and beliefs. Her followers styled themselves "orgone warriors." Eventually, two of her closest followers would die, one by suicide and one in a shooting death for which his girlfriend was charged and convicted.

Russo's investigation parallelled that of a documentary crew from VICE TV. He is a frequent on-air presence in The Devil You Know, Season 2, which dropped its first of six episodes on March 29.

On Saturday, June 5, The Greyhound - An Indie Bookstore, in Berlin, Maryland, will hold the first signing for this new book from 11 am - 2 pm. All are invited.